Man cuts pregnant wife’s hand, arrested in Niagara falls

On the evening of 23 June, 35-year-old Yong Lou of Brooklyn, who caused his pregnant wife seriously injured, was arrested near Niagara falls local police and handed over to the staff of the New York Police Department, reports the Niagara Falls Action.

According to the police, the wanted was in the food court at One Niagara Welcome Center (state of new York).

The man wanted by US Marshals and the NYPD for cutting off his wife’s arms in New York City has been captured in Niagara…

Posted by The Action Niagara Falls on Saturday, June 23, 2018

When the detainee was discovered life jacket, purchased at Walmart. According to the authorities, with the help of the vest the man was planning to cross the Niagara and get to Canada.

And on Friday, June 22, the criminal tried to negotiate with the driver of a canadian bus that allowed it to hide in the Luggage compartment and thus to move to Canada. The driver refused and reported a suspicious petitioner to the police.

On the basis of this information on the website Crime Stoppers Buffalo was published a press release with information about the possible whereabouts of Lu in the heart of Niagara falls, and offer $2.5 million for assistance in his capture.

Today the prisoner will travel to new York where he will stand trial in the case of assault 1st degree.

We will remind, on Thursday, June 21, in the apartment of the spouses Lu had a quarrel during which the man grabbed a steak knife, chopped off his wife’s right hand to the biceps and 2 fingers on the left.