In place of the pipe explosion in Manhattan found asbestos | What you need to know the local people

City officials confirmed that at the site of the explosion 86-year-old pipe in the Flatiron District was discovered traces of asbestos.

The incident occurred on Fifth Avenue on Thursday, at 6:30, had blocked the area from 19-th to 22-th street and evacuated the 49 buildings. As reported in the press conference, mayor De Blasio, all of them need scrutiny — only then the residents will be able to return home.

28 evacuated from areas closest to the epicenter of the explosion — are in the “zone of risk”. Their inspection will take up to several days. However, according to De Blasio, there is a possibility that the verification of the remaining houses will be completed by the evening. Until then, local residents are strictly forbidden to return. Everyone who had during the evacuation leave the building necessities or Pets, please contact for assistance to employees of the NYPD or FDNY.

The mayor also stressed that at the moment the air outside is clean and is not dangerous. However, the authorities concerned about the likelihood of re-contamination, which is possible if debris and asbestos entered the premises after the explosion. In addition, anyone who suspects that debris can get caught on clothing, be sure to hand it in for analysis, all associated costs will be reimbursed.

The cause of the incident remains unknown. As emphasized by the city authorities, no work in the last few days in the area was not conducted.