A drunk driver rammed 36 cars

The night of July 25 in new Jersey , a drunk driver slammed into the 36 cars, causing their owners to the detriment of thousands of dollars.

The incident occurred in Hoboken. About midnight at 911 began receiving calls about a driver on a white «Honda» rams cars parked on Bloomfield Street. At the scene police found the «gun crime» with a broken windshield glass and the airbags deployed.

A drunk driver rammed 36 cars

The driver tried to escape, but, according to militiamen, barely kept on his feet. From the man just reeked of alcohol.

The culprit night of the accident was a 22-year-old resident of Union city of Miguel Aleman. According to preliminary information, before to slow down, he drove 7 blocks, ramming all the machines that stood in his way.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, even 2 passengers alemán. (Yes, he was in the car and even the passengers!)

Miguel Aleman was taken to the clinic to check the level of alcohol in the blood, and then returned to the police station, charged.

We will remind, in February in the suburbs of Los Angeles was arrested a drunk driver on a white horse.