Police found the woman, who left immature fruit in an Airbus of American Airlines

Yesterday, August 7, on Board Airbus American Airlines arriving at the airport La Guardia from Charlotte (NC), were found wrapped in paper of immature fruit. Today the law-enforcers said that he had found the woman who left the baby in the toilet of the aircraft. It was 18-year-old resident of Brooklyn.

As found by investigators, after the incident on the plane she attended Kings County Hospital, but the interrogation, said that even did not suspect about the pregnancy, just a few days was not feeling well. According to investigators, the detained was maloemotsionalny during deposition, to say she was «like a wall».

The police believed that during a family vacation in the Caribbean young woman, being on 5-m month of pregnancy, did attempt abortion. The crew reported that after landing, they noticed that the passenger became ill, but didn’t come — she ran to the bathroom. On her seat there were traces of blood.

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Show whether the passenger flight АА1942 any charges will show an autopsy of the fetus. Forensic scientists must determine whether the child is alive at the time when she left the womb. Her name was not disclosed.