«The worst is yet to come»: the number of victims «Florence» has grown to 8 people

«Florence,» which has weakened to a tropical storm, moves slowly into the United States. At the moment the rescue services confirmed 8 deaths due to natural disaster.

As of 13:30, 15 September, 2 people were killed in the district Duplin (NC) for flash floods and strong currents on the roads. At the moment we know of seven deaths in North Carolina and one in South Carolina. Among the victims is a baby.

The mayor of Fayetteville (NC), Mitch Colvin warned residents that if they refuse to leave a disaster area, it needs to notify their next of kin, «because human sacrifice is quite possible».

WATCH: A herd of deer attempt to cross a flooded road in Jacksonville, NC, during Hurricane Florence. https://t.co/l2ICMjbwqz pic.twitter.com/FH4eTs3e3A

— NBC News (@NBCNews) September 15, 2018

«Please, be serious about it, — said Colvin. — The worst is yet to come. Now go to the hills, because as soon as the floods will increase, you will be hard to get to save.»

Despite the fact that «Nightingale» has ceased to be a hurricane, according to forecasts from the National Hurricane Center by the end of the storm in parts of North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina will fall to 40 inches (101 cm) of precipitation.

Neighbors are using a jet ski and kayak to travel through this New Hanover County neighborhood! Wild! #Florence @wectnews @WBTV_News pic.twitter.com/k2u0iH4PIw

— Alex Giles WBTV (@AlexGilesNews) September 15, 2018

«The flooding will be catastrophic in certain areas, and access to some communities is by boat, and only next week, said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Mike cook. — It really is a life-threatening situation.»

Latest updates:

  • The Location Of The «Nightingale». As of 14:00 on 15 September, the center «Florence» was 50 miles (80 km) West from Myrtle beach (SC), with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph (75 km/h). He moved West at a speed of 3 mph (4.8 km/h), according to the national weather service.
  • The lack of electricity. From 809 thousand customers in North Carolina there is no light. In South Carolina, the situation is better: the power went out at 155 thousand people.

Carolina charities are struggling to help animals affected by Hurricane Florence. Please consider making a donation to local groups or those in neighboring states taking in the overflow. pic.twitter.com/Yhf4BeWtsr

— JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) September 15, 2018

  • Record rainfall. «Florence,» dropped more than 30 inches (77 cm) of rain in Swansboro (North Carolina), thereby putting a new record in the state. The previous record of 24.06 inches (61 cm) was installed during hurricane «Floyd» in 1999.