One-year-old girl died, her twin brother is in critical condition and her mother is under arrest

A resident of Queens (new York), was arrested after her infant daughter from the received traumas has died in hospital, and twin girls on the verge of life and death.

The message about the child in need of assistance, came to the police last night, 3 October. According to the caller, at that moment he was in the basement on Ashby Avenue near the Auburndale Lane.

Upon arrival, officers discovered 5 children, including unconscious — year-old Elaine Torabi. She had a visible injuries: bruises, lacerations and fractures.

In the emergency order to Elaine was taken to Flushing Hospital, but to save her doctors failed.

The twin brother of a little girl with bruises, lacerations and a fracture of the pelvis — was sent to Cohen Children’s Medical Center. The boy’s condition is critical, but, according to the doctors, he would survive.

Big sister of twins — 2, 3 and 5 years — were not injured and are now in the service of custody, reported PIX11 informed sources.

33-year-old mother of the children was arrested. Established its involvement in the incident.

The children’s father does not live with them, but, according to the police, taking an active part in their lives. Charges not brought against anyone yet.

Forensic scientists determine the cause of death little Elaine.