Long island drunk driving school instructor taught driving 4 Teens

About the scandalous incident with participation of driving instructor, which took place on 6 October on long island, said the police Department of new York (N. Y. C. Police Department).

Students 58-year-old Russell Cohen called the police, terrified by the States of his teachers. The man led the class drunk, not following neither the language nor the road.

As described later, the guys came on a driving lesson, they did not notice that the instructor is drunk. However, after the start of classes Cohen began to rapidly lose control of himself. Began to release a strange comment that had no relation to driving, which 2 who was in the classroom, the girls felt «awkward».

Long island drunk driving school instructor taught driving 4 Teens
58-year-old Russell Cohen is accused of driving drunk and also endangering the life of minors. Photo: NYPD

At some point, the learning machine is stopped at the diner — the instructor said that «all treats». He went to a cafe, and when he returned, he didn’t remember why you went there. Next, Cohen demanded to give him a place of the driver, and the company continued on his way. And then 16-year-old students realized his mistake, behind the wheel drunk teacher.

The man had difficulty driving a vehicle. He repeatedly caused accidents and even hit the pavement at 80 km/h. Finally, the teenagers managed to persuade the driver to stop at MC’donalds. Once drunk, the instructor did it, they got out of the car and called the police.

However, the instructor did not wait for the return of their charges, and just drove on. Police arrested him later driving a different car. Russell Cohen will be responsible for driving drunk, aggravated and endangering the life of minors.


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