The thief fell through the ceiling of the restaurant and went without pants in front of surprised customers (video)

A comic incident occurred in the district of Tuscumbia (Alabama) last Sunday, November 4th.

The Waffle House witnessed a strange incident: in the middle of the day in the room the ceiling collapsed, and together with the debris at one of the tables fell a man. It’s worth to mention that the unexpected guest was without his pants.

According to local law enforcement, a violator of the peace was 27-year-old Wesley Glenn Bost. It turned out that the man came to Waffle House under the guise of a client, then went to the toilet «to defecate». Next, the attacker took off his pants and had locked the door to the bathroom.

Making sure he hurt no one, the thief entered the roof space and tried to reach the Manager’s office. The only thing did not think «criminal mastermind», so it’s on to the low strength of the ceiling in the building.

In the hall customers and staff first heard the extraneous noise. When at the top there was a crash due to broken fastenings, the puzzled people moved away from the danger zone.

No sooner had the staff to find out what happens, as if through the ceiling with a crash fell the attacker. Puzzled witnesses tried to detain him but he escaped. Along with accomplice Bost fled the scene by car.

Now the thief-the loser and his partner are actively searching for. The police can barely hide a smile, telling that the perp left in their pants right and ID card. Car theft is also found, and now the officers have only to detain the main characters failed theft.


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