On Friday in new York held a downpour, the weekend will be clear and cool

Most likely, this Friday in new York will be heavy rains that would mark the arrival of relatively cool weekend. According to the National weather service, the rain could begin as early in the morning and will pour until the evening.

For Friday and Saturday, 9 and 11 November, will have about 35 mm of precipitation. Baboutmost of it will occur in the period from 7 PM to 1 am. The temperature on Friday will not rise above 12°C. Weather on Saturday and Sunday is expected Sunny and cool. The day temperature will be +4…+5°C and by night drops to -1°C.

The abundance of rain likely to cause problems for residents and public services in the Big Apple. So, there may be flooding in places where fallen leaves scored the storm drains.

And now more about the weather for each day.


After 3 p.m. it starts raining, the window will be to +12°C, wind East 13-20 km/h, with gusts up to 38 km/h. The day may fall to 15 mm of rain. After midnight precipitation will very likely turn into a downpour, which will not stop until 4am. The temperature will drop to +5°C. East wind with a speed of 14-22 km/h after midnight turn into the West, with gusts to 42 km/h. Night is expected 25-50 mm of rainfall.


On the first day of the weekend will be mostly Sunny, temperature to 5 o’clock in the afternoon will decrease to +6°C. Wind West, 24-34 km/h, with gusts up to 55 km/h. It’s a clear night, the temperature falls to 0°C.


Sunday will be Sunny, maximum temperature will be around +7°C. Night will be without precipitation, the temperature will drop to +1…+2°C.