The man was saved from a deadly forest fire, followed by Fox, which led him to the Creek

This man lost in deadly California fire his friends, and he himself managed to escape,.. thanks Fox.

Last Thursday, a wildfire in Northern California came through town , Paradise, destroying everything in its path. According to recent reports, killed 42 people, in some cases from people remained only the charred bones.

Early Thursday morning, local resident Greg Woodcox, as usual, was walking in the Park with the dogs, when they smell the smoke, and later saw the fire.

He jumped into his jeep and started to visit neighbors, urging them to urgently leave everything and escape. But not all were able to correctly estimate the danger which threatened them and lost precious minutes.

While Woodcox toured friends, the fire had blocked one exit of the town. The man led the column of vehicles tried to break through to the other side. They traveled quite a bit, when they were overtaken by the flames, which within seconds was thrown on the car.

As told to Greg, he managed to jump out of the car, jumped over the fence of one of the houses, suddenly they saw a Fox, also fleeing. He ran after her, and the animal, in fact, led him to a brook that flowed in the hollow.

Within 45 minutes the man was sitting in the water, while around him raged the flames. He later told me that it was all so loud, as if over him swept a freight train.

When the wind «blew» a fire on Greg Woodcox returned to where he left his car, and saw that his friends were killed — burned alive.

The man was saved from a deadly forest fire, followed by Fox, which led him to the CreekThe car, which was burned alive people.
Greg Woodcox/

And although the man himself was lucky to survive, he said he did not intend to stay in Paradise, when the city will recover — it would be too painful.