Neo has released a game where you have to save a trump, killing gays, Jews and journalists

Gamers got the opportunity to play in mass shootings. Angry Goy II is available for download on the website of the podcast Cantwell»s Radical Agenda. The player’s mission to save the President of Donald trump, who was kidnapped by a «left-wing terrorists.» Passing various levels the player has to kill gays, Jews and journalists.

Μου άρεσε ένα βίντεο @YouTube Angry Goy 2 — Official Trailer

— Christos Golfis (@ChristosGolfis) November 16, 2018

One of the levels of the game includes killing people in a gay club called «LGBTQ person at work + Agenda HQ». The action is strongly reminiscent of a mass shooting in a night club Pulse in Orlando, Florida in June 2016 when he was killed 49 people. Another mission related to the murder of journalists in the offices of «false news». The name of the network refers to the terminology of Donald trump, who called so media organizations like CNN.

You win a horrific new video game, Angry Goy 2, by LGBTQ person at work shooting people in a nightclub via @lgbtqnation

— Bob Garcia (@1reddragon696) November 14, 2018

The game, which is attributed to «Wheel Maker Studios», is a continuation of Angry Goy, which appeared on the Internet last year. The game was attended by neo-Nazi, who decides to kill black people, Jews and refugees, learning how to «six million» immigrants arrived in Europe.

One of the key promoters of neo-Nazi video games is Christopher Cantwell, who is widely known as a far-right activist, a member of last March, the United right-wing in Charlottesville. The action was accompanied by clashes. During the riots killed 1 and wounded at least 38 people. In addition, in the crash of a police helicopter killed 2 law enforcement officer.

Cantwell also been associated with Gab — a platform that temporarily closed after it was discovered that the killer of 11 people in Pittsburgh have left her messages before the shooting.

Screw «Angry Goy ll» check out the comrades behind «RIOT: Civil Unrest» lol.

— JAM CITY ANTIFA (@JamCityAntifa) November 15, 2018

«Angry Goy II is the hottest game of the season for the white men who are tired of Jewish nonsense», wrote in the blog itself, Cantwell. «Instead of taking it out on real people, you can fight the bastards and degenerate on your computer!»

Newsweek quotes the Press-Secretary of the charities Trust, which fights anti-Semitism: «It may seem a poor example of racial hatred, but actually it was a serious incitement to commit murder inside the gay clubs, synagogues, and other places. We are all familiar with the reality of mass shootings that makes this so-called game even more dangerous.»