On suspicion in attack on police in Brooklyn arrested Alexei Saveliev

Alexey Savelyev, was arrested Friday by the NYPD on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, which occurred November 8 in Brooklyn, in the County of Williams.

Aleksejs Saveljev, 32, of Manhattan Beach, faces multiple counts of assault in the unprovoked Nov. 8 attack on the officer, who was walking his Golden Retriever along Williams Court and E. 11th St. in Sheepshead Bay. https://t.co/cIrRgZLb1X

— Dorotea Bourne (@quetevayasbien) November 17, 2018

As reported by the USA.ONE, 29-year-old COP in their free time strolling down the street with the dog at about 9 am. He was approached by an unknown man and said in Russian that he was going to «kick his ass». After the assailant struck the victim on the head. The officer suffered serious injuries, including a broken cheekbone, cuts on the head and face and was taken to the hospital. The assailant fled the scene.

As noted by ABC 7 NY, a wounded COP knows the Russian language, understand the threat of the attacker, but says that was not previously familiar with it. According to the victim, the man was very emotional and aggressive.

A search of the suspect was more than a week, police reports, how and under what circumstances a suspect has been arrested. At the moment it is unknown what was the motive for the attack, but there is information that Savelyev — a Brooklyn resident and he’s 32.

According to Daily News, citing a police source, Saveliev taken to the 61st precinct in Sheepshead Bay, and will appear on Saturday before Brooklyn criminal court. The victim of the police after medical assistance has been discharged from hospital.