What area of new York will be the best for life in 2068

The minds of many residents of new York, or just dreaming to get this housing, always excite thoughts about how to become a happy owner of an apartment (maybe even stabilized rents) in a cool area for many years ahead in this matter of all others. Already thinking about? And the district determined?

Analysis of city statistics, sure TimeOut will help to determine what the district Big Apple is considered the most «hot» in 2068.

But first, let’s understand what metrics determine the prospectivity of a property. Says real estate agent at Warburg Realty, Kemdi Anosike, people in the choice of their future home, always guided by the following factors:

  • accessibility;
  • the surrounding space;
  • security;
  • good transport interchange.

But in addition to these parameters, there is another feature that potential buyers/tenants would like to see in the neighborhood. These parks Anosike says: «People always want to live close to him, regardless of what that Park.»

Based on these factors, and a study in 2013 from the Department of city planning, it is possible to determine in which area of new York in the coming decades, all the stars come together in the best way.

So, according to published reports, it is known that until 2040, the population of new York city will grow by 9%. But the best things will happen in the Bronx – here the number of inhabitants will grow by 14% over this period, as expected, there is added 72 thousand housing units. It turns out that the Bronx can really become in the next 50 years the most desired area in new York!

To find a good deal in the South Bronx are not easy, but the part of the district, which is slightly North (e.g., Norwood), it seems perfectly balanced to reach a peak in 40-50 years. Right now the prices are quite affordable: according to StreetEasy, in 2017 the average price of housing (median home price) was $358 thousand And, in addition, Norwood has established a good infrastructure and transport interchange, and it is surrounded by parkland. There is something to ponder, isn’t it?

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