The American, who worked as nanny, was sentenced to 20 years for molesting baby

32-year-old Thomas James Sprenger from Georgia was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual abuse of two children committed more than 30 times.

According to court documents, the incidents occurred more than ten years ago, when Sprenger nursed two babies. In one case, he wrote about his crimes in a journal, which later broke up. However, a family member found the pieces and put together this «puzzle». Reading the recognition of the nanny, shocked the cousin immediately contacted the police.

In October of this year, Sprenger pleaded guilty. 7 November, during the trial, he apologized for his crimes and expressed remorse. In the end, the court sentenced him to 20 years imprisonment for one of the crimes. The second pedophile crime were also sentenced to the same term, but with a delay of execution.

District judge Todd Cresap held that conditions of probation Sprenger also need to undergo a rehabilitation program of persons who have committed sexual offences, as well as register as a sex offender and no contact with the victims. If he does not fulfill the conditions of probation, you will be imprisoned for another 20 years.

The American, who worked as nanny, was sentenced to 20 years for molesting babyThomas Sprenger twice sentenced to 20 years in prison for molesting babies

According to the Minot Daily News, the offender admitted that he still has sexual fantasies towards children. In addition, Sprenger said that as a juvenile, he raped one child (in fact, the third victim of a pedophile).

Both girls who were victims of violence in infancy and, of course, do not remember now undergo a consultation with doctors.