21 Rottweiler was in the cold on the night before thanksgiving

Hearing barking, Karen Gren patrolling in the morning, a rocky point (Suffolk County, new York), decided to find out what happened. In the back yard and in the shed near the house belonging to 52-year-old Jose Borges, COP really found two dozen Rottweilers.

THANKSGIVING CHILLING DISCOVERY — Police arrest a Rocky Point man after a @SCPDHq officer allegedly found 21 barking dogs outside in the backyard, some in crates in a shed. More details on @News12LI at 5. pic.twitter.com/crTu3Y3qtC

— Darius Radzius (@DariusRadzius) November 22, 2018

When the air temperature is below 32°F against the law to leave animals tied up on the street. And Borgos 9 dogs and were locked in cells for transportation.

The breeder was arrested. He was charged on the 21 fact of improper treatment of animals.

LEFT IN THE COLD — Dogs barking leads to a Rocky Point man’s arrest after a cop on patrol allegedly found 21 Rottweilers outside in the backyard, including some in travel crates in a shed. A 52-year old Jose Borgos is now behind bars awaiting arraignment.https://t.co/E0gYhFyEQ7 pic.twitter.com/q5pYa9ajrc

— Darius Radzius (@DariusRadzius) November 23, 2018

Rottweilers started in the house of Borgos, where they will stay until the local authorities decide their fate.