Indiana man rescued 4-year-old child from a sinking car

The storm that swept some regions of the United States, has become the cause of numerous accidents.

Another incident was recorded in Indiana, where because of the ice two cars was in the thrall of the reservoir. While the transport was sinking, the passengers made every effort to get out of it. Among the victims were three children, including a 4-year-old boy.

It threatened the greatest danger, because the child was not able to take care of themselves. Fortunately, came to the aid of a passing driver.

Law enforcement said that the accident occurred at about 18:35 local time. The car hit the icy stretch of road, resulting in lost control and drove into a pond. Inside the Dodge Nitro was a mother with three children, and other vehicles operated 50-year-old man.

When the SUV began to sink, the woman together with her two daughters 11 and 17 years climbed to the roof. The youngest member of the family, 4-year-old boy, also pulled out of the car and took his hands. The situation was complicated, because people were knee-deep in water and could at any moment fall into the pond.

First came to the aid of an unknown man, who was just passing through. The driver jumped into the water and swam to the sunken car. The man took the boy and quickly brought him to shore, after which the child was transferred arrived on the scene, the doctors. On to the business began the rescue.

Emergency services promptly got stuck in a pond of people and with boats evacuated them. As for the driver of the second vehicle, he immediately after the accident left the car and got to shore.

It is noteworthy that an unknown rescuer did not communicate with reporters. Man has ascertained the safety of people and just left the scene. Mother of 4-year-old was grateful to the driver for your timely intervention as the emergency personnel who worked quickly and efficiently.


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