Father by a false note trying to frame 9-year-old daughter, accusing her of killing his wife

A stockbroker from new Yorkwho is accused of murdering his ex-wife in 2009, tried to frame their common 9-year-old daughter four years later.

This was stated by the prosecutors.

According to court documents, which were presented by the prosecution, the 45-year-old Rod Cowlin Apple wrote a note to phone his daughter Anna, supposedly written on her behalf in the summer of 2013. Then the girl was 12 years old, and in the year of the murder of his mother, was Danishefsky — only 9 years old.

«All these years, I was terrified and felt guilty about the night my mother died, allegedly wrote Anna. — I was lying. She just slipped. That day we got into a fight over her Dating… I was angry, so I pushed it, but I didn’t want to hurt her! She fell, hitting her head on the tub, and I heard this awful sound. The water turned red. I tried to raise her head from the water, but mom didn’t move».

According to Prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos, the prosecution believes that that evening’s ex-husband strangled was Danishefsky then drowned her in the bathtub. 9-year-old Anna and found the mother’s body.

“All of these years I have been so incredibly afraid and guilty about the night my mom died,” Rod Covlin wrote, posing as his daughter, then 12. https://t.co/8tmHuGOkcr

— Sleepy Richmond (@SleepyRichmond) January 8, 2019

At the time Danishefsky and Cowlin were bringing divorce proceedings and lived in separate apartments on the same floor of the penthouse in the Upper East side (Manhattan).

The day before the murder Danishefsky set up a meeting with a lawyer to exclude Collina out of his will.

The man was charged only in 2015, after his girlfriend reported that he did.

Attorney Bogdanos also said that Cowlin allegedly planned to kill their own parents, who got custody of Anna and her brother, and it deprived Kind Collina control over the inheritance of the children of $5 million.

Kaulina lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, has called the new charges «absurd and ridiculous».

Cowlin appear before the Grand jury, their choice is scheduled for January 14.