In California a frat party got out of control and had to disperse the police

Students love a break from the hard training routine, gathering your friends and arranging parties. But if the fun has to stop the police with batons, so something clearly went wrong.

At about 23:00 on Thursday, officers of the police Department of Los Angeles (LAPD) went to the challenge in the avenues area of Le Conte and Levering in Westwood. Near the campus of the University of California students staged a noisy party, and to placate them could only be the police. The news about the event was posted, so fun came about 500 people. All this noisy crowd drank and listened to loud music.


— Sheba 🤪 (@sheba_sayareh) January 11, 2019

Across the street littered with broken bottles, burned Christmas trees and paper cups. One of the students said that at some point innocent party is out of control.

Police in helmets and with batons took about 45 minutes to disperse the crowd. No one was arrested and no one knows who actually organized this insane party.

I mean… I’ve seen worse post-party disaster zones, but a little cleaning up to do on Roebling Avenue. @UCLA shindig got outta control overnight. #LAPD got everyone to go home. No arrests! @_josephinetang @sheba_sayareh

— Craig Fiegener (@CraigNews3LV) January 11, 2019