Walmart «banned» visitor, who, drinking wine, staged a «ride» in the Park

The Parking in front of Walmart in Wichita Falls (TX) police arrived outfit. It caused the citizens, alarmed by a certain lady, which is 3 hours ride by Parking in an electric car, drinking from cans of Pringles potato chips.

Upon arrival, violators of the public peace law enforcement officers are not found.

Police were called to a Wichita Falls, Texas Walmart after a woman was reportedly drinking wine from a Pringles can and riding an electric cart in the parking lot.

Graves Sound & Picture, LLC (@GravesLlc) January 13, 2019

Walmart employees reported that the woman decided not to put in a supermarket. (How long until a ban, not reported.) But the police found it necessary to find a drunk racer.

As reported to journalists by the WFPD officer Jeff Hughes, the «loss» was not necessary to search long: she was sitting in a restaurant nearby.

According to circles in the Parking lot of Walmart lady cut out drinking wine, from 6.30 to 9 am. The police told her that she was at Walmart «persona non grata».

In the course of incident nobody has suffered and was not arrested. To publish the name of the restless lady or her photo, the police did not deem it necessary.

I’m sorry. I thought this was America.

— Robbie Fox (@RobbieBarstool) January 14, 2019

Local people discussing it today on Twitter. Many felt the actions of the women are harmless, and the decision of Walmart — too strict. In the small Wichita Falls nowhere else to go in the morning on an electric car and chat with people.

«Not all of us can afford a trip to Disneyland,» write sympathetic. «I thought I was in America,» lament of the other, noting that before 10am on a scene completely deserted, so if Walmart didn’t think to organize «pokatushki» to attract visitors, then at least do not interfere with the other skate.

The town has almost no places to have fun. Perhaps this is what I wanted to hint the eccentric lady of his morning «workout».