Found the body of 11-year-old Amberley Barnett, missing in Alabama

On Friday, March 1, native 11-year-old Amberley Barnett informed the police about the girl’s disappearance. She went missing around 18:00 from the house of her aunt, who resides just outside of Collinsville (Alabama). Law enforcement agencies all night looking for Amberley, but, unfortunately, the final investigative work turned tragic on Saturday morning the girl is found dead. The cause of death, as well as information about how and where she was discovered, police County DeKalb keeps secret because the investigation is ongoing.

Amberley Barnett was last seen in her aunt’s house in sand Rock on 1900 County Road 822. Law enforcement authorities said, at approximately the time when the girl disappeared in the area was seen SUV dark green.

Mother Joni L Barnett published in a desperate Facebook post, which reported that someone took her daughter from my sister’s house. She wrote that her sister went to the store, and her son-in-law was outside (was renovating the house next door, which stands on the same plot and the same road). Phone Amberley stayed home, although she did not go without it.

On Saturday afternoon at the Sheriff’s office DeKalb County held several press conferences.

HAPPENING NOW: a press conference with the Dekalb Co. Sheriff’s Office on the suspended county search for missing 11-year-old Stan Barnett. @WAAYTV

— Sierra Phillips (@sierraWAAY31) March 2, 2019

At a briefing held at 13:00, Sheriff Nick Walden said that police received a call regarding the disappearance of 11-year-old Barnett on Friday at 19:30. Investigative work in the district and neighboring Georgia lasted all night and into Saturday morning. At 11:00 the Sheriff’s office DeKalb County released information that the search for the missing teenager has been suspended.

At 15:00 Sheriff Nick Walden held a press-conference on which has stated the following: «Approximately 6:30 a.m. today, March 2, was found the body of the deceased 11-year-old Amberley Alexis Barnett. The investigation is ongoing, so we are unable to provide full information on the case. I want to say that we thoroughly studied different versions, and hopefully in the next few days will get answers».

Walden also added that this day was heartbreaking for the family of the deceased girl, law enforcement agencies and throughout the district: «I’ll tell you how I feel. This profession, this job and how we do that require a full commitment — and we give her all my strength. On this day, in the district of De Kalb, Alabama, my heart was broken».