American Airlines took the mother and son from the flight because of a rare skin disease

Jordan Flake from Colombia (South Carolina) returned with their little son Jackson from Texas home after a date with her husband, who is military personnel. However, the joyful memories from the meetings with your loved one clouded because of an incident with a woman on the way home. The fact that on February 28 Flake with a year-old son were removed from a flight from El Paso to Dallas, which is served by American Airlines, because the crew decided that their skin rash is contagious and dangerous to all passengers.

Flake described humiliating for her case in their social networks: «I’ve done all the usual: went to the front Desk, checked my bags, passed the security system… We boarded our flight, where everyone was smiling and talking with Jackson. Before takeoff, the airline employee approached me and asked two men sitting next to me, stand up. Then he quietly asked me about «my rash» and if I have a certificate from a doctor which have said that «I can fly»».

She explained to him that she and her young son ichthyosis — a hereditary disease, which manifests itself a violation of the processes of keratinization of the skin. Symptoms of ichthyosis can occur at birth, but usually the disease develops in early childhood. Currently, this disease with no cure.

Flake said that after that, the airline staff went to the front of the plane to discuss this issue with the crew. Returning to her, he apologized and said that «she can’t fly.» The woman touched another embarrassing moment. According to Flake, when she went to the door, the officer tried to persuade the pilot. However, when he had almost agreed, the flight attendant rudely put an end to the dispute by saying, «Well, no help from a doctor, so…»

In the end, defending her employee helped Flake look for a hotel and a flight with another airline. Checked baggage failed to be removed from the aircraft, so the woman had to buy additional clothes and also soothing lotion to your skin.

«I never in my life been so disrespected… I should never be ashamed of how I was born. This was unacceptable and inappropriate. I’ve never been asked to show a certificate. The doctors never said that I have to have documents proving that I was not contagious or that they [flight crew] there is no suggested. In 2019 it’s time to stop this discrimination!» — I wrote to Flake in his post, published just as the international Day of rare diseases (celebrated on the last day of February).

In the end the woman said that her problem was solely with the crew, not the airline: «It caused the crew to remove me from the plane. He was in shock from the situation and tried to help me. He was trying to protect me!»

In the following days, representatives of American Airlines commented on the incident, saying: «Our goal with American Airlines to create a favorable atmosphere for all our customers. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. Flake and her son for the situation they faced on Thursday. We have started an investigation on this issue. Our staff work with clients already talked to her directly, she will reimburse the cost of the trip. And the crews on the flights received additional instructions».