In Brooklyn a man with a knife attacked his wife and daughter, tried to commit suicide and burn down the apartment

On Friday afternoon, April 12, in Brooklyn played out the family drama that almost resulted in the death of all its members. According to police, the man first attacked his wife, stabbed the daughter and then stabbed himself and attempted to start a fire in their apartment, located on 42nd St. near 4th Ave.

Around 16:00 to the police and to the fire at the same time received a message about an emergency in one of the districts of new York. Had a call about a fight in one of the apartments on the 5th floor of a house in Sunset Park and about the fire at the same address. As it turned out, to burn down the apartment, trying to get her owner: so he wanted to kill himself, his wife and daughter.

65-year-old man for unclear reasons, started to fight with his 63-year-old wife. According to police, during the argument he allegedly stabbed with a knife hand to his wife. Daughter couples (45 years old) tried to stop his father, but he was not able to control themselves and inflicted two stab wounds to the shoulder. After that the man went into another room, the fire there with a mattress and tried to commit suicide, having struck itself a knife in the stomach.

No one was mortally wounded. The wife and daughter of the suspect was quickly taken to Maimonides Medical Center, and the head of the family – at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, where he now gets the necessary treatment and is under arrest.

Brooklyn man slashes wife, stabs daughter before setting the apartment on fire: police

— PIX11 News (@PIX11News) April 13, 2019

All the neighbors are in shock from the incident, because the family was considered «exemplary». «Great family, very friendly,» said their neighbor Felix Bruno. «I knew them all my life. They were of those about whom they say «together forever». They lived together for about 30 years. What has happened is terrible».

As reported by the neighbors, the suspect was considered a master of all trades, was an artist. His wife – the pensioner who worked at home. The couple have two daughters, one of them left the family nest. Neighbors also said that the suspect never had a problem with the law.