To remember them all. 71-year-old resident of Louisiana suspect in rape of 100 children in 1970-1980-ies

71-year-old Harvey Joseph a Fountain of Pineville Lutheran does (Louisiana) arrested on charges of multiple rapes of children. Investigators preliminarily believe that a man is guilty about 100 cases of sexual violence against minors committed in the 1970-1980-ies.

The arrest was made by County police April 9, according to the statement of the now adult men that he was raped by Harvey Fountain in childhood. Now, however, law enforcement officers tend to believe that similar incidents in the biography of the arrested not less than one hundred.

follow me — Louisiana man charged with 100 counts of first-degree rape: The earliest allegations against Harvey Joseph Fountain date back to the 1970s.- follow for follow

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A spokesman for the County Sheriff Stephen Phillips, told reporters that in the years mentioned in Pineville is left unsolved many allegations of rape, child victims in most cases were under the age of 13. Crimes similar in handwriting. If the involvement of the Fountain to at least one of them is proved, he will bear the suspicion in all of them. Also the police believe that could be the case that the victims are not said for some reasons, so I ask all who remember something like that, call the Sheriff phone: (318) 473-6700.

Sexual abuse of children under the age of 13 in Louisiana are referred to the rape in the first degree, which can be punishable by death and it does not have a Statute of limitations. Sam Harvey Joseph Fountain or his solicitors in contacts with the press has not yet come.