In Brooklyn with an axe has killed a young woman and seriously wounded her friend. The suspect is the boyfriend of one of the victims

On Saturday, April 20, in Brooklyn, occurred the massacre of 2 young women — 20-year-old Savannah Rivera and 21-year-old Angela Valle. Angela managed to survive. Now the NYPD is investigating the brutal murder of Rivera and grievous bodily harm to her friend and cousin Valle living in Bushwick Houses, Brooklyn.

At 1:30 a.m., 911 received a call: the driver called Uber, who was called to the Bushwick Houses on Flushing Ave 811. He said that it left the passenger covered in blood. The arrived physicians and police found a badly wounded Valle (she had a bleeding wound on the head and on the body), which reported that in her apartment on the 8th floor there is a dead relative, and 4-year-old daughter Angela.

Once in the apartment, police found Rivera no signs of life with multiple stab wounds on the head and body. Sources reported that her head «was almost severed from the body and several fingers severed».

In the bedroom of the apartment has been found 4-year-old daughter Valle: the girl was not any wounds, but she was taken to the hospital for detailed examination and observation. Currently, the baby is with relatives. In the trash compactor near the house, the police soon discovered the axe, which was identified as the murder weapon.

Currently, Valle is in critical but stable condition at Elmhurst hospital. Friends and neighbors suggested that perhaps in a deadly quarrel, blame the guy Vallee, with whom she «always fought». Savannah has left 4-year-old son. In addition, it became known that she was on the 3rd month of pregnancy.

On Sunday morning, the police said that the suspect was arrested – he was 34-year-old Jerry brown, fellow survivors Valle, whose pix11 reporters managed to interview on Saturday afternoon before his arrest.

After learning that the police are looking for a guy Vallee, pix11 contacted him through Facebook. There the man was, as Grim Creepa.

He called them back in less than 10 minutes, said his name is Jerry, and said he did not remember anything of what happened. The only thing that, according to the man, he remembered: how he tried to get drugs in the hospital. According to Jerry, he suffers from a mental illness – schizophrenia, paranoia and bipolar disorder. He also said that he was a patient at South Shore Mental Health on Staten island and was observed in several other psychiatric institutions.

He said he remembers as «woke up on the floor and fell in and out of consciousness it», and «lying in the corridor of the building,» but does not know what it is.

«I woke up and tried to crawl. I had a broken head, a split lip, a cut hand,» said the man and added that he appealed to Kings County Hospital for help. The hospital administration has not confirmed whether they had a patient.

Jerry asked if Valle, and knowing that she continues to fight for life, began to cry and said that they have been together for 7 or 8 months.

He then wondered what to do next, as he is scared and does not want to «commit suicide». Journalists advised him to surrender to the police and after a long dialogue, he eventually said that «he’ll call the police.»

PIX11 reported the conversation to law enforcement. On Saturday evening the police at a press conference announced the arrest of the suspect and conducted the interrogation. A police source confirmed to the publication that the suspect is the same person, «Jerry» with whom journalists spoke of earlier.