10-year-old mute girl has bitten children in the school bus in Wisconsin

Lynn Waldron claims that her 10-year-old daughter Lillian has bitten children in the school bus in Wisconsin. A girl with a disability is deprived of the skills of speech and couldn’t resist.

Lynn Waldron says when her 10-year-old daughter Lillian came home from school excited, she decided to redeem her in the bathroom and found the body of a girl traces of at least 9 bites. Mother took pictures and went with them to the police station.

«She can’t tell them to stop. She couldn’t get away. She’s in a five-point harness car seat. She just had to sit there and take it, and the bus driver wasn’t stopping,» said Lilly’s mother Waldron’:https://t.co/FFxCu8E1Ja

— WHSVnews (@WHSVnews) May 9, 2019

«When I took off her sweatshirt, I noticed large bruises on his shoulder. More than 9 bite marks, bruised covering her forearm and shoulder. She was crying and still holding his hand… no child deserves this,» said CBS Lynn Waldron.

Chad Waldron, daddy Lilly, says that Lillian’s development is delayed and can’t speak, «She couldn’t tell them to stop. She could not escape. And the bus driver didn’t stop. Her seat was right behind the bus driver, and he could not hear what was going on, or not see something.»

The representative of Langlade elementary school, where he studied Lillian, said that the Directorate is studying the video from inside the bus. Identified the girl who was bitten by Lillian. Several school administrators have appealed to the family and met with them to discuss their problems and provide support to ensure their physical and emotional well-being of the student.

However, the victim’s father demands that the school have learned from the incident and has implemented security measures in buses carrying groups of children with special needs. «If you can’t look after these kids if the bus driver can not do this, you will need to bring someone to he observed, says Chad Waldron, — the other kids don’t have to go through what my daughter Lillian».

10-year-old mute girl has bitten children in the school bus in Wisconsinflickr.com/Ty Hatch/CC