The son attacked the mother with the bat, mistaking her for a burglar that night when she entered his room

Thomas Summerville (21) of the village of Campton-Hills in Illinois was charged with second-degree murder. A victim of men became his mother, 53-year-old Mary Summerville.

On Tuesday, the Kane County judge set bail in the amount of $300 thousand, As stated by his lawyer Liam Dixon, the young man will be able to make that amount.

Dixon told the Summerville, who had just finished the third course of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, confused mother with a criminal who broke into his house, so I hit her with a commemorative baseball bat that hung on the wall. The coroner ruled that the cause of death of Mary Summerville was injuries of the skull.

The representatives of the prosecution said that the idea of the Summerville that his mother was a stranger invading a home, «was unreasonable due to the fact that the young man was drunk.»

Dixon, in turn, said that Thomas had recently returned from a trip to Europe and have not yet recovered from jet lag.

Liam Dickson has described the death of Mary Summerville as a «terrible incident» and noted that his client is «devastated.» He said: «What would the state do with him, the punishment will pale with what has already happened.»

Family members of Thomas support a young man who is upset about the charges.

For murder in the second degree, the punishment can vary from probation to 20 years in prison.

The next time Thomas should appear in court on may 23.