The students suspected that the cooking competition teachers fed pancakes with urine

In the state of Ohio , several high school students are under investigation for what probably added urine and semen into the food, which is then submitted to the teachers.

The incident allegedly occurred on Thursday last week at school Hyatts Middle in Powell during the culinary competition.

The disciples had contaminated the food that they served the teachers judging the contest. Students, as stated in the statement of the authorities of the County of Delaware, added to the urine and (or) sperm in the pancakes, which tasted of the teacher.

According to representatives of the County Sheriff’s office, they received a video, which recorded those actions.

Monday, may 20, law enforcement officers continued the investigation, but charges are not filed.

Attorney brad Koffel representing one of the suspects, urged all «not to make hasty conclusions», — said the channel 10TV.

According to Kofele, it could be a hoax disciples, they could only pretend that contaminate food, to remove it on mobile.

As noted in the Sheriff’s office, currently undergoing laboratory tests of the food served at the competition.

The school district refused to comment further on the incident to journalists, but released the following official statement:

«The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance. The leadership of the district and local law enforcement conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. All the perpetrators, if any, will be held accountable for their actions.»