From airport Tulsa swept tornado: tornadoes and flooding threaten Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma

A powerful storm system caused a tornadothat was seen on Tuesday morning, may 21, near international airport Tulsa (the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma).

In total, according to meteorologists yesterday, may 20, in Oklahoma and Texas were recorded to 19 tornado. There is destruction, but the data on casualties yet.

As soon as the storm is moving to the East, the region predict a new tornado and hail, and damaging winds.

The majority of flights at the airport in Tulsa is cancelled.

WATCH: Tornado spotted near Mangum, Oklahoma this evening

Video: Meteorologist Mike Williams

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 21, 2019

In addition to the tornadoes, severe storm system brought heavy rains, causing the Department of transportation Oklahoma had to temporarily close Interstate 40 in El Reno, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) West of Oklahoma city. The national weather service reports that Monday it was up to 5 inches of rain. In Stillwater rescuers evacuated people from their homes on boats because of the flooding.

On Tuesday the main storm threat will be focused on Oklahoma, part of Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri, Dallas (TX) and Springfield (Illinois).

Air force base near Oklahoma city moved several aircraft to other military installations. Civil servants in several districts of Oklahoma was sent home from work early.

The Governor of Oklahoma Kevin Stitt urged motorists not to drive on flooded roads, hoping «to slip». In Oklahoma city the Agency for emergency situations has opened a coordination center in an underground bunker in the North-Eastern part of the city.