US detective shot an unarmed man with special needs

Police Kensington (Philadelphia) has confirmed that a detective in civilian clothes shot the man, who was unarmed.

The video obtained by Action News, shows a man with special needs, who was identified as 28-year-old Joel Johnson, going between cars standing in traffic. At some point he stops in front of the unmarked car, in which sat the detective to ask for stuff. A few moments later heard gunshots and Johnson falls to the ground.

«The detective was sure that what he saw in this man’s arms was a firearm, said police captain Philadelphia whipped Kinnebrew. The detective, believing that he was going to Rob or something happens to him, used his firearm.»

WARNING: Graphic Video

Joel Johnson was shot by a plainclothes detective, [email protected] say the det. thought he was being carjacked at gunpoint. There was no gun.

Johnson is non-verbal and neighbors say he d often hold up a quarter to beg for change. @6abc

— Maggie Kent (@MaggieKent6abc) May 21, 2019

The officer fired three shots, broke a car window and struck Johnson once in the torso. The victim was taken to Temple University Hospital in critical condition. Family members of Johnson claim that he is a person with disabilities, he often asks for change from passers-by and he has no weapons.

A resident who lives near the scene, saw Johnson with a gesture showed that he needed the money.

«He could have shot my granddaughter, or daughter, or wife — says an eyewitness. — This man comes here every day from 9 am to 6, 7 or 8 PM and asks for a trifle. We feed him. He’s innocent».

While the investigation is ongoing, police involved in the conflict, engaged only in paperwork.