People want to help the alligator floating on the lake with a knife in his head

Mississippi pike or alligator can be seen on every lake, swamp or river (and sometimes even at a picnic) in the Southeast USA. But when Erin weaver noticed a reptile, swims near her home in Houston, she found that this specimen was in danger.

She told KTRK: «It seems that from his head protruded a sharp table knife».

Interestingly, the location where the woman, alligators are frequent visitors and, in principle, they are all happy. She explains that during the 6 years that she lived here, she never noticed that they were aggressive or attacked anyone, because she does not understand why someone would stick a knife in the head of an alligator.

«I think someone did this on purpose,» she said.

It is expected that the Agency for protection of wild animals of Texas will check the condition of the alligator next week, and until that time the weaver and her neighbors play the role of defenders of the alligator.

«I want this alligator helped. I don’t want to see him swimming around with a knife in the head and suffering».

Luckily for the alligator, he is one of the most sturdy wildlife. Expert on alligators Frank Mazzotti told CNN: «the Skin of a reptile covered with osteoderms or secondary dermal bones, similar to a turtle shell, which can be considered a natural armor.»

The skull of the alligator consists of heavy, thick bone, because the potential attackers have only «small goal» to cause serious harm. Otherwise the object will get stuck in the skull, not the brain, injuring, but not killing the reptile.

In most cases, injuries of the alligators are getting back to normal. The blood of reptiles contains the properties of antibiotics, which accelerates the healing process, and serious damage becomes more similar to the fresh wound.

In other words, we should not scoff at the alligators.

Mazzotti said that it could not establish the damage caused this particular alligator. Blade length and its placement does not allow you to do this photo.