Home alone with a machete: a child of 11 years gave back 3 attackers infiltrated into his house

The Sheriff’s office orange County, North Carolina, was told that 11-year-old boy who was forced to sit in the Cabinet during the invasion of his home, decided to repel the attackers and struck the suspect on the head with a machete. After 19-year-old suspect was arrested when he appeared at the hospital with a head wound, said deputies.

The incident began after 11:00, when a woman knocked on the door of the house down the street Yarborough Road, Mebane, said in a press release, Sheriff’s deputies. Boy 11 years old who was home alone, saw a man standing near the car, while the woman knocked at the door. At this point, another man broke the window on the opposite side of the house and snuck inside.

Sheriff’s deputies said: «the Burglar took an air weapon owned by the owner of the house, and forced the little boy to slip inside the bedroom, ordering him to remain there.»

The boy, whom police described as a «star baseball game», later climbed out of the closet and was able to get to a machete. «He walked into the living room with the intruder, raised his machete and hit the man on the head. The man responded with a kick the boy in the stomach, causing him to fell on the sofa». But as it turned out, the boy is still not going to give up. He climbed again, swung his machete, but this time missed.

«The assailant struck the child on the head and grabbed a few valuables, including a TV and Playstation». However, the suspect realized that «after machete wounds, he had a severe bleeding head.» The man threw all the loot and left the house along with the other suspects.

After arrived deputies and the child assisted, the police informed the hospital that approached by a man with a head wound. After a short time, corresponding to the description of the man really appeared in the UNC Hospital in Hillsborough to help him with a head wound.

Investigators issued a warrant against Jetavana Dashana Hall (19) from Monroe, who is still in the hospital. «Once he’s released, the suspect will be charged with breaking into a home, kidnapping in the second degree and assault on a child under 12 years»,- reported in a press release.

Police said the investigation is still underway and anyone with information is asked to call the chief investigator, Jason Nazworth at (919) 245-2925.