Mother tracked her daughter’s phone and found it wedged between the car and the ground after a traffic accident

A teenage girl who was buried under his own car for 7 hours after the accident on the road, was rescued by the mother, who had thought to track her daughter’s phone and thus to find her.

Machine teen Macy Smith off the road, flying between 2 trees and landed 25 feet away from the rocks on Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. During the fall of the car managed to roll over as much as 3 times. As a result, 17-year-old girl was in the back seat with my arm clamped in a vise between the car and the ground.

As reported WGMY News when the girl did not return home on time and for a long time did not respond to messages and calls of her worried mother Katrina Kramer Alexander used the application that allows you to track the phone’s location.

She jumped in the car and went to see what was happening as the GPS tracker showed that the girl is in the same place «too long».

Later, Maisie Smith described the incident in Facebook: «I was lying in a ravine 20 yards from the road for seven hours, my arm is stuck under a car and I couldn’t move. I’ll never forget the sounds, when my family started to call me by name when they found me at about 22:30».

The girl wrote that she was damaged neck, the nerve in the hand and she had surgery to relieve swelling.

She attributes his miraculous escape to divine Providence. Macy wrote: «I was looking for a phone to call for help, but in the field of view was only the Bible. I held onto the Bible and prayed harder than ever before. I don’t deserve to be here right now, but God probably has plans for me».

The girl and her mother thanked all concerned people for the messages of support.

Smith will have another surgery, but it is reported that the sensitivity in the affected arm she lost.