A trampoline into a power line, killing 9-year-old girl

On Friday in Nevada killed 9-year-old Lizzie Hammond, after a strong wind took the trampoline, which she played on the power line.

According to the County Sheriff’s Department the wash Williams, dispatchers got a call around 4 PM. July 14 trampoline with her three children was raised by the wind to a power line near Reno. Local utility immediately cut the power, and subordinates of the Sheriff along with the fire service arrived at the scene.

According to the representative of the Sheriff’s Department, Bob Harmon, the children were rescued with a fire ladder. The two received medical assistance on the spot, and Lizzie was taken to the hospital. On Friday, the girl’s family announced that Lizzie died from his injuries, adding that they are willing to sacrifice her organs to help other children.

«Our precious Lizzie was beautiful, intelligent, energetic little girl who was full of life. She was the daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, teammate and beloved friend,» said her family. «She has been volunteering. She liked to feed the homeless, to shop to the Sheriff, to collect packages of humanitarian aid to the local military and to give school supplies to less wealthy children in the area.»

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Posted by Cody Hammond on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Authorities continue to investigate the incident, but «at present there is no evidence to suggest that the parents showed any negligence,» said Harmon.

In 2018 2-year-old boy in Nebraska died after a bouncy castle was ripped off by the wind and thrown 20 feet. In 2016, the 7-year-old girl died after playing on the trampoline, who also threw a strong gust of wind.