The mother boyfriend strangled the newborn right in the hospital room because I didn’t want him

Andrea Torralba, 20, and David Villa, 21, of California was arrested on suspicion that they strangled newborn son right in the hospital room shortly after birth. The couple says that he did it because he didn’t want a child. The doctors tried to save the child for more than 10 hours, but the baby died from his injuries.

Police reported a suspicious injuries to the infant at the Medical center of St. John. The newborn was in critical condition. The child’s mother and her boyfriend allegedly choked the baby until he lost consciousness. After the child ceased to move, they called the nurse.

The mother boyfriend strangled the newborn right in the hospital room because I didn’t want himSuspects: 21-year-old David Villa and 20-year-old Andrea Torralba. A young couple was arrested after suspicions that their baby was strangled

And mother and father admitted to the crime, although it is not clear exactly who strangled the kid. Andrea claims not to want a baby and her boyfriend is not his biological father.

Torralba and Villa was arrested for assault on a child causing death. The bail set for them by the court, is $ 1 million.

«Despite the fact that we are confronted daily with tragedy, the staff of Regional medical center St John is devastated by this incident. — reported Medical center St. John in the official statement While the investigation is ongoing, we would like to remind our society that California has a law on safe delivery of newborns».

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In California a child under three days you can anonymously donate to hospitals and fire stations in accordance with the laws of the state.