In Florida, a boy of three died after falling from the balcony of the ninth floor

Three-year-old boy died after he fell from the balcony of the apartment where we settled on a holiday with his family.

The tragedy occurred in a condominium Marisol in Panama city beach (FL) on Saturday, July 27, at around 4 PM. Police Department Panama city beach Daily News confirmed that the baby, whose name was not publicly disclosed, was on vacation with his family from midway (Oh).

According to witnesses, a small child fell from a balcony in the apartment. It is still unknown why the child fell and was bi one of the adults nearby.

Police say the child was visiting from Midway, Ohio, when he fell from a ninth floor balcony. | Ohio child dead after falling from condo in Florida>>

— Live5News (@Live5News) July 28, 2019

The child was taken to Bay Medical Center for treatment, where he later died.

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