What is known about 19-year-old Santino William Lehane opened fire at a festival in California

At that time, as police continue the search for the second suspect in the shooting at the garlic festival in Gilroy (CA), the shooter, killed by police at the scene, was identified. According to CBS News, this is one of the locals — Santino William Legan, 19 years old.

What do we know about Lehane at the moment?

According to his Instagram page, Legan — American, Italian and Iranian descent. In the profile of the guy all three posts, the last of which left shortly before the shooting.

«Oh, Yes, writes Lagan festival of garlic. Let’s be prepared to get down any too expensive stuff».

What is known about 19-year-old Santino William Lehane opened fire at a festival in CaliforniaAt the moment the account is deleted Legan

Under another post, the guy admires the book «might is right», written under the pseudonym Ragnar Redbird (which, according to some versions, hiding Ambrose Bierce, Jack London) and promoting ideas of social Darwinism and the theory of Nietzsche about the morality of masters and slaves. The book is described as racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, «claiming that the woman and the family as a whole are the property of men and proclaiming the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race.»

«Read «might is right» Ragnar Redbeard. — advises Legan — Why overpopulate the town and look for another place to crowds of mestizos and whites nerds of Silicon valley?»

Third post — the picture of his grandfather on the maternal side, Ali Ashgar Vahabzadeh, changed his name to Ali Baylor after moving from Iran to the USA, where he worked as a lecturer in Economics.

At the moment the account is deleted.

What is known about his family and friends?

The grandfather of the arrow — Tom Legan, who held the post of warden of the County of Santa Clara for two terms and died in may 2018.

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When Legan was elected for a second term, in his address brought charges in three cases of sexual abuse of the eldest daughter. In 1988, a jury found the man innocent.

The boy’s father — Tom Legan, a professional runner. One of three brothers Santino — Amateur boxer Rosino Legan, who became known in narrow circles after article from 2017, marking his abilities as an athlete and telling about attempts Rosina to reduce the cost of education in the United States.

Police have raided the home of a family Legan, however, said the neighbor, the guy lived there for at least a year. The woman described Lehanov as «normal, nice family.»

What happened at the festival?

According to Gilroy police, Legan used an unknown tool to cut the fence and enter the area where the festival was held, avoiding the metal detectors and other security measures.

He was shot after a few minutes after the first shots were fired.


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