In Chicago shot and killed two mom-member of the group «against senseless killings»

Shantell Grant every day brought their three children to play at the corner of 75th Street and Stewart on the South side of Chicago.

In this area the group «mothers of men against senseless killings» (MASK)» equipped Playground, trying to end the violence with a weapon and create more safe space in your community.

On the night of July 26, 26-year-old Shantell Grant and her friend, 36-year-old Andrea Stoudemire, were shot dead where they tried to make their district safer.

Two women stood on the sidewalk about 10 p.m., when he arrived at blue SUV. According to witnesses, the unknown fired several shots. Both women were wounded in the chest and died in hospital.

Posted by Maria Pike on Sunday, July 28, 2019

An investigation is underway, but the Chicago police still have not arrested anyone and do not know the motives of the shooting.

«We have no evidence that the shooter was hunting specifically for them, as there is no evidence to the contrary», — said the representative of the Chicago police Department, Anthony Guglielmi.

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«When the mothers are killed where they are looking for security, I take it as a personal threat. When someone comes for one of us – he comes for all of us,» said Tamara Manasseh, founder of MASK, at a press conference on Sunday.

A few years ago the volunteers of the MASK turned the dirty ground at the intersection in Englewood in a space where children can play in safety. They were there under the supervision of, exercised, played and even ate together.

MASK on GoFundMe is raising funds for rewards for information which will help to arrest suspects in the death of the mom-activists.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, at least 40 people were injured and 8 killed in incidents involving firearms in Chicago last weekend.