White man spat in the face of an African-American friend, refusing to participate in «role-playing an intimate game of» slave owner

Resident of Florida was arrested after his African-American friend tried to get him to participate in sexual «role-play», but he refused and used her physical strength.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night in Bradenton (Florida). The police brought the 35-year-old Ashley Edwards.

As stated in the police report, Ashley Edwards said her boyfriend, 37-year-old Kenneth Atkins that wants to play in the bedroom in «the slave and slaveholder» because she is African-American, and Kenneth white.

Posted by Kenneth Atkins on Thursday, May 30, 2019

But Kenneth argued against a role-playing game, the skirmish turned into a brawl, and the man spat in the face of Ashley.

The police report States that when they arrived at the house, Kenneth Atkins denied all charges and «any physical confrontation.»

According to officers, Ashley Edwards was not injured and later refused to apply because I didn’t want Kenneth’s been arrested.

Despite this, Atkins was arrested and placed in County jail, then released the next day.

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He should stand trial on 8 September.

This is not the first «meeting» Kenneth Atkins with the police. He has a long list of «merit,» including convictions for theft; burglary; beating; loitering; violation of probation and possession of drugs.

In may of this year he was arrested on charges of committing theft of goods from Walmart.

Kenneth was released on bail of $1,500 in the case, which is still pending.