The baby could have died an agonizing death in a hot car, if not for the officer who broke the window of car

Police shared a shot, made wearable camera that shows the incident that occurred this month in Florida, when a police officer smashed a car window to free a baby locked inside the sweltering car.

Christina Tufford told FOX29 that the incident occurred after she took her 10-month-old daughter in Lowe’s in Stuart, Florida, to buy flowers. But after the woman was convinced that her child is comfortable and secure sitting in a car booster seat and used the autorun to start the engine work, and with it the air conditioning, she accidentally put the keys on the seat inside the car.

Christine said, then slammed the door and went to the door on the driver side, and only then realized that she cannot open. Suddenly the young mother covered the understanding of what kind of mistake she made – now they should be separated by several inches of metal and glass. «All the doors were locked and she was inside with the keys»,- said the woman.

After attempts to restore her OnStar, Christina called the police, but then it waited for another blow when the engine is automatically stopped working until the police arrive, and the temperature inside the car began to grow.

Arrived officer Kyle of Osinga tried to take the help of a tow truck driver to open the door, but he failed.

«Later I saw how feeling girl, and she felt worse. Her head was tilted, eyes closed,» he said. «At that moment I felt the adrenaline rush and panicked.»

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In the video, filmed his underwear camera, you can see he has a baton on the window, and then takes a hammer and that’s how he finally managed to open it. Then he opened the car door and allowed the woman to pick up my daughter.

Christine added: «She was very lethargic. Bad breath, I have had a few bottles of water, and I poured it on her.»

She hopes that for others, her experience will be a lesson. Now she was carrying a glass cutter in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

In 2019 have already been recorded 32 deaths of children who died in hot cars from heat, reports