«Her skin just melts»: a Woman scalded feet 2-year-old girl with boiling water as punishment

Britney Smith, the mother of caylee, says a burn on the baby’s skin was so severe that skin grafting may be impossible.

«Her skin just melts,» — said Britney ABC News.

«SHE ADMITTED TO WHAT SHE DONE»: Rhea County deputies say a two-year-old girl was intentionally burned with hot water. And they believe the babysitter who was supposed to be taking care of her did it.
*WARNING* This story contains images that are disturbing. pic.twitter.com/uVxqWBFKO4

— Abby Kirk (@AbbyKirkNews) August 20, 2019

One of the members of the family, Jennifer Vaughn, watched Kaylee on August 11. The woman called her mother and said that caylee was burned and I was asked to come. According to Jennifer, she poured on the feet of little boiling water to punish.

Pictures of 2-year-old Kaylee after surgery. Kaylee»s mother sent me these photos. She told me the damage to the child’s skin was so bad that the skin grafts may not take. pic.twitter.com/XIN2JTzfUH

— Abby Kirk (@AbbyKirkNews) August 20, 2019

Kaylee was taken to the burn center in Georgia.

Rocky Potter, a detective with the Sheriff’s office says he’s never seen burns worse. In the hospital, they were called «burn the sock», because of the sensation that the feet of the child wearing two red socks.

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SOCK BURNS: Jennifer Vaughn is charged with aggravated by child abuse. Investigators determined she used scalding water to punish a two-year old-girl. The hospital called it «sock burns» because it quite literally looked like the burns were a pair of socks. pic.twitter.com/n7ALjZ2ad1

— Abby Kirk (@AbbyKirkNews) August 20, 2019

To cover medical expenses for Kaylee started a fundraiser on GoFundMe. She still needs several operations, but there is no certainty that it will be able to walk.

Jennifer Vaughn arrested on Monday. It is accused of cruel treatment of children under aggravating circumstances. The woman could face 15 to 80 years in prison.