Missing chef from the famous restaurant Cipriani’s Grand Central Terminal was found dead in a hostel in Queens

Thursday, August 22, the police said that the head chef at a prestigious restaurant in the Central terminal Midtown was found dead in a dirty hostel in Queens after missing four days earlier.

33-year-old Andrea Zamperoni, chef, Cipriani Dolci, was last seen roommate when he came out of the house on 74th St. in Elmhurst (Queens), about 2 a.m. on Monday, August 19.

When the chef did not come to work in his shift, concerned colleagues thought it was strange, and alerted the police. According to the staff of Cipriani Dolci, an Italian immigrant, has not missed a single working day without prior notice, within 10 years.

Wednesday, August 21, he was found dead in a room on the first floor of the hostel Kamway Lodge. His body was wrapped in a blanket. The building is located on 77th St., about three blocks from where he lived Zamperoni. Sources said that this hostel is a hotbed of prostitution and drugs.

According to colleagues of the victim, the twin brother of Zamperini, who works at the restaurant C London, owned by Cipriani, flew Wednesday in new York to identify his body.

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Fernando Dallorso, Manager of Cipriani Dolci, said that Zamperoni communicated with his mother in Italy and a twin in London every day.

«He’s a hard worker. He is the best chef in this place and one of the best chefs in the Corporation. He has been with us 11 years,» said Dallorso.