A teenager died a hero, trying to save his family when their car plunged into the water channel

Teen 18 years old died trying to save his family when their car plunged into the water after it flew off the road into the canal in Delaware Sunday morning.

The teenager was carrying his two younger brothers, his girlfriend and cousin at the football game the youth team at approximately 9:41, when their car was in the canal the Chesapeake and Delaware, approximately 20 miles southwest of Wilmington, in Delaware, as reported to the police.

Arrived on the scene rescuers found on the shore 16-year-old girl. She told them that 18-year-old helped her to get to shore, and then jumped into the water to help other passengers. «But he died as a result of trying to do it,» — said the representative of police of Delaware Michael Austin at a press conference Monday morning. «He was a hero and tried to do everything possible to help the rest of the passengers of the car,» police added.

His body was pulled from the water shortly after the arrival of rescuers, he added.

On a scene there arrived police officers, firefighters and scuba diving.

The police reported that the bodies of two other boys, 16 and 12 years old found in the car, a Chevy HHR when it was pulled from the water Sunday evening. The body of another boy of 6 years had failed to detect.

Authorities are using side-scan sonar, added Austin. «Side-scan sonar capable of finding the items – it looks quite dark and blurry — but it shows some of the forms under the water,» he said.

How assured the Austin, the search «continues and will continue for an indefinite time.»

Investigators have not yet figured out what led to the accident. At the moment police is not aware of the vehicle’s route, the speed with which she moved or what did the passengers before the vehicle went into the water, but they are investigating the case as a «car accident,» added Austin.

He noted that local residents have offered their assistance in the search, but «the best thing people can do is stay away from this area.» «Let our equipment and our employees to do their work,» he said.

At the request of family, police did not release the names of the dead boys.