HIV-positive coach dance pleaded guilty in rape of 16-year-old boy, whom he met in social networks

HIV-positive resident of Tennessee this week to avoid the court, admitting that unprotected sex with an underage student.

Memphis police sources reported that John Conner III met with the victim in the social network in 2015, when the boy was only 16 years old, and the couple entered into a sexual relationship that by law it is considered rape.

Conner, which at that time was 26 years old, in the end, lured the victim to his Infamous dance team Dancerettes, and the relationship continued, which is confirmed by text messages. Some of them included details about their sex life and Nude pictures. On Tuesday, November 19, the press release said the Prosecutor’s office of Shelby County.

Prosecutors say that Conner didn’t tell the teenager that he had HIV, which was diagnosed in 2012. Later tests showed that the boy was also infected with this virus.

In August 2016, six months after the beginning of their relationship, the teenager told his parents that he had sex with his coach for dancing, and decided that he needed to take a HIV test.

The teacher, who was to stand trial this week, pleaded guilty to a criminal offence for alleged criminal contact with HIV, rape and inducing a minor to have sex. He needs to reach a verdict on December 20.

According to police, Conner has two other pending cases involving sex partners who were 17 and 24 years. Earlier the man appeared in the story reality show Bring It.