The creepy police photo shows woman smiling after she was arrested for the murder of her husband

Police shot a woman from Fort Towson (OK) grins at the camera after she was arrested for the murder of her husband.

Paramedics arrived on the call about the attack, found the 48-year-old Jamie Williams stabbed to death in his house on Sunday. Wife men, 48-year-old Shandi Johnson, Williams, was detained two days later — on Tuesday.

She is accused of first-degree murder for which the woman can expect the ultimate punishment: the death penalty.

According to the statement of the Bureau of investigation of the state of Oklahoma, on the murder he told a witness reported to 911 that Johnson-Williams unconscious. It is not known that they have received a call from his wife. To save the man failed by the time of the arrival of the paramedics he was already dead.

The photo, published on social networks have caused users a flurry of emotions.

«I don’t know this woman, but I knew Jamie. wrote one commentator — looked like he was growing in front of the house. Have no idea what their wife had a relationship, but they certainly were another way.

«This picture makes me so angry. Jamie left the family that will miss him, and she smiles as if nothing had happened. There are no excuses.»

«How do you know she smiles at murder of her husband? — trying to defend the country against the other — Maybe she’s smiling because someone told a joke when he made the shot, or because he knows he’s innocent. Let’s wait until more information».

Another commenter stated that he was married to Johnson Williams, who allegedly «abused alcohol and drugs» and even tried to kill him. It is not known how true his words are.

The authorities did not report how serious the evidence against Johnson-Williams, however, noted that the jury could be one of the decisive evidence of her guilt.

«Photo where she’s smiling, can hardly be good for her,» said Sheriff Terry Park.