«If you are reading this, I’m no longer» the husband, who was accused of murdering his wife and mother of five children, left a suicide note before killing himself

«If you are reading this, I do not have», — stated in the suicide note, the 52-year-old Fotis of Dolosa, who was accused of the murder of wife — housewife from Connecticut Jennifer Delos.

«I refuse to be in prison a minute because did not commit,» wrote the steward, the husband of Jennifer, with whom they lived separately.

When Tuesday, January 28, Dolosa found in his car in the garage of his mansion in Farmington, he was still alive. He was declared dead on Thursday evening in the Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, where he was rushed for treatment due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

On the note was the date 28.01. In the letter he don’t expresses regret with the death of his wife, Jennifer, with whom he had five children aged 8 to 13 years. He mentioned it only when I insisted that neither he nor the other two defendants — his ex-mistress Michelle Troconis and attorney Kent Mabini — had nothing to do with her «disappearance».

«Please tell the kids I love them, and I would do anything to be with them,» wrote Delos about his three sons and two daughters who are brought up by the mother of Jennifer.

«I want to thank all my family and friends who were beside me during this difficult time, — he finished his suicide note. — First of all, Anna Curry. I’m sorry to let you down and not continue the fight.»

A note addressed to «All», ends with the caption: «Fotis».

Curry is the latest girlfriend of Dolosa, which The Post calls financial Advisor.

Doulos was free and was under house arrest after making bail of $6 million, which was partly funded by the Curry. He was accused of kidnapping and murdering Jennifer.

The former mistress of Dolosa, Michel Troconis, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and Moini, a close friend of Fotis, who defended him in a civil suit. Their case will be investigated further, despite the suicide of Dolosa.

Jennifer disappeared without a trace on may 24 after he had taken the children to their private school.