The new Yorker strangled and mutilated a guy they met on the app

The guy from Oklahoma killed a resident of the Upper East side, who was 40 years older than him, after meeting in a Dating application.

According to prosecutors in Manhattan, the suspect, 24-year-old Alex Scott, used a ceramic knife or sharp object to mutilate his victim’s face.

He met 64-year-old Kenneth Savino on Wednesday, January 29, the same day when you supposedly killed him. This was stated by assistant district attorney Shira Arnow.

As reported earlier, The Post police sources, the couple returned to the small apartment of an elderly man on East 83rd near Lexington Avenue.

«We saw them both on the surveillance camera, walking arm in arm,» said the Prosecutor. The victim was counting on a romantic relationship. The defendant planned to attack him and Rob».

The apartment Scott pounced on Savinskaya, struck him in the face and neck, cutting the carotid artery and strangled, the Prosecutor said. He then allegedly took the victim’s watch, credit cards and cash.

«On video surveillance… we see that he is wearing a jacket of the victim and believed the cash. — said the Prosecutor. The next day he used the credit card of the victim to buy him food, new clothes and a ride in a taxi.»

The new Yorker strangled and mutilated a guy they met on the appThe suspect, 24-year-old Alex Scott. Source: TULSA COUNTY

Then, according to Arno on Friday, January 31, «he went to the Midtown North Precinct with credit cards Savino and his ID and said he couldn’t remember the last few days, but thinks that maybe someone killed him.»

Scott is also under investigation in his home state on charges of sexually abusing 6-year-old boy.

Court-appointed counsel argued that Scott was very sick and may not have received proper medical care.