Missing a young couple from California was found dead on a trail in the woods

Police in California reported missing in late January, the boy and girl were found dead near trail in the area of Big Bear.

As described in the Sheriff’s office County of San Bernardino, the body of 29-year-old Paul Arthur Stockwell, Jr. and 27-year-old RIA Gabrielle Williams was discovered on Monday afternoon on a forest trail , Cougar Crest near Big Bear Lake.

Tory, a resident of Santa Ana, was last seen on 29 January in Big Bear with her boyfriend Paul, who lived in the area.

Two days later, a colleague reported that Riya is lost – when the girl did not come to work.

Father Stockwell also reported to the police about the disappearance of her son, but the Sheriff’s office did not specify when he received this message.

«None of the messages did not indicate any suspicious circumstances or reason to suspect criminal intent,» reads the statement of the Sheriff.

Around 2:15 a.m. Monday Sheriff’s deputies looking for missing couple found the car belonging to RII Williams, in the Parking lot near Cougar Crest trail.

Then to a place called the officers and dogs from division K-9 to search the trail and the surrounding area. The body was found about 13:30 o’clock in the afternoon.

Arrived at the scene the detectives investigate the murder. The cause of death pair should be determined by the autopsy, other details of the tragedy yet.

Anyone with information on this case are urged to call the Department’s homicide, the Sheriff’s office of San Bernardino on: 909-387-3589.