At the White house arrested a man with a knife who threatened to kill trump

According to police, armed with a knife man, was arrested near the White house for threatening to kill the President of the trump.

25-year-old Florida resident Roger Hedgpeth was arrested on Saturday after he announced his intentions to the security agent patrolling the perimeter around the presidential residence.

«I’m here to kill the President of Donald trump. I have a knife to do it,» said Hedgpeth.

It is reported that on Saturday, trump was not an appointments and he had located in his residence.

Hedgpeth was immediately detained on charges of threatening bodily harm and possession of a prohibited weapon: when it was found 3.5-inch knife in a sheath, and an empty holster from the gun. In its report, the police described the arrested as a person «suffering from mental disorders.» Hedgpeth was sent to the clinic for assessment of mental health.

Police did not immediately become known, where the suspect is and whether he has a lawyer. The number listed in the records of his personal information, no one answered.

After the incident, the presidential guard has strengthened security measures.