Missing 6-year-old faye Svetlik found dead. Near her body was found a man’s body

The body of six-year-old faye Svetlik was discovered on Thursday around 11 a.m. in the forest Park near the quarter of Churchill heights in Cayce, South Carolina, near where she was last seen.

Authorities confirmed that the body belongs to the missing girl. The office of the coroner County of Lexington said that on February 15 will be an autopsy.

Police have launched an investigation into the murder associated with her death, but reveals no information about how the girl died. The investigation carried out by the Department of public safety of Casey, the coroner’s office and Lexington County law enforcement division of South Carolina.

I asked about polygraph tests, why officials don’t want volunteers and why we haven’t heard from Faye’s immediate family. https://t.co/p4sE0hLYr0 @wis10

— Caroline Hecker (@CHecker_WIS) February 13, 2020

Currently, the arrests were carried out, but police said that for society there is no danger.

The police also said that the dead body of a man was discovered in the same Park, and the case started investigation. However, authorities have not indicated a direct link between the tragic events. This person is not yet identified, reports WIS News 10.

Thursday morning was reinforced by the activities of the police in the district of Churchill heights. Yellow crime tape was pasted near the entrance to the area as police and fire crews blocked the access of all, even residents.

Crime scene tape covers the wooded area near the Churchill Heights neighborhood, this after the bodies of Faye Swetlik and an unidentified male were found. @wis10 pic.twitter.com/9uzSFoIXJW

— Drew Aunkst WIS (@NewsDrewWIS) February 13, 2020

Faye disappeared on Monday from the yard of his house in Londonderry lane in Cayce, near highway 302 (SC) where she played outside after school. The family reported that Fay went missing at 5 PM. Presumably, she was last seen at 15:45.

On Wednesday morning, the police Casey posted a video where faye get off the school bus on Monday afternoon, about an hour before she was last seen playing in the yard.

Fay was a first grader in elementary school, Springdale, in the County of Lexington.

On Thursday the Lexington school district has released the following statement about the death of Fay:

«We are heartbroken to announce the death of faye Svetlik, a student in the first grade of elementary school Springdale, which went missing earlier this week. When the school community is going through such a tragedy as the loss of a child, it deeply affects us all.

The following is information we sent to the families of our students this afternoon. We will have no further public comments or interview in the coming days as we focus on supporting our students, faculty and staff of Springdale.

We thank the law enforcement agencies who worked tirelessly this week to bring Fay home. As this investigation continues, we ask anyone who might have information that would help law enforcement, call the hotline number 803-205-4444″.

Watched a family with young children light up Fayes memorial with candles. A touching moment in what was a very sad day…@wis10 pic.twitter.com/GwVy9bFEH9

— Drew Aunkst WIS (@NewsDrewWIS) February 14, 2020

«Dear parents!

We have heartbreaking news. Died FEI Svetlik, the first grader, which is carefully searched by the authorities this week.

We contacted you because now more than ever need to support students and staff. This support is more important than ever in the coming days, as our community mourns the loss of this little girl. Our goal here, in Springdale, is to listen and to reassure our students and keep the school day as normal as possible during this difficult time.

In the coming days we will have to work extra school counsellors, who will communicate with students, teachers and staff. They will be ready to meet with your child one-on-one if necessary.

We know how hard it is sometimes to realize something like that even adults. We send home a few General tips on how you can talk about it with your child.

If you’re worried about what your child is experiencing, please do not hesitate to contact our school. We do our best to support our students.»

«It will be on my mind for awhile.»
Not long after law enforcement announced Swetlik’Faye’s body was found in her neighborhood, we spoke with people in the nearby area. They say they are devastated by the news and are thinking about her family. We’ll have more at 7 on @wis10 pic.twitter.com/NbTRl5bNJL

— Jason Raven (@JasonWISTV) February 13, 2020

George Vinson, a local resident, said, «I always tell people to watch their children. It’s a crazy world. People do crazy things. Children are innocent. Sad that it happened.»

Basketball coach in South Carolina’s dawn Staley wrote on Twitter: «We are saddened to learn of the death of 6-year-old faye Svetlik. We prayed for a different outcome, but our hearts were filled with sadness. This senseless brutality must stop».

Senator Lindsey Graham wrote: «Like all residents of South Carolina, I was heartbroken upon hearing the news of the death of fey Svetlik. I pray for the family of this beautiful girl. They suffered a horrible tragedy.»

Vice-President Mike Pence also expressed condolences to the family, Fox News reports.

Department of public safety stated that he works closely with the coroner’s office and will provide new information as it becomes available.