5-year-old boy pulled a 2-year-old sister in the window and saved the entire family from a fire

In Georgia, honoring 5-year-old boy for helping save the whole family from a firethat destroyed their home.

According to representatives of the fire Department of the district of Bartow, Sunday , Noah woods the night he woke up in his bedroom and saw that she was on fire. The boy without a second thought. He grabbed his 2-year-old sister and went out the window with her dog.

Noah rushed to a nearby house where his uncle lived, woke him up, and man, in turn, woke six family members, Noah woods.

«I took Lily, went to the window with her, got the dog and got out,» — said the little hero local channel WSB-TV.

All members of the family of the boy survived, although some had some minor burns and mild poisoning with burning products.

«We know the history when the kids warned adults about the fire, said fire chief County of Bartow Dwayne Jamison. But to navigate so quickly to 5-year-old child and to do it… it’s pretty unusual.»

Grandpa Noah, David wood, created a page on GoFundMe to raise money for the restoration of the house. The cause of the fire was a short in the wiring due to overload.

According to David woods, the family plans to stay in a Motel or rent a small house.

«We thank God for our Noah and his heroic actions, — said the grandfather of the hero. If not for Noah we would not be here today».

The fire Department plans to give the boy a reward of the rescuer and make him an»honorary fireman» in the County.